Brushy Mountain Group

Brushy Mountain Prison Upgrades

This effort involves the former Brushy Mountain Prison located in Morgan County Tennessee.  This facility consists of numerous buildings and supporting infrastructure such as electrical distribution, potable and fire protection water systems, gas distribution, storm and sanitary systems.

The project is creating a tourist venue that will include but is not limited to the following:

  • Prison tours
  • Concert venue
  • Haunted prison tours
  • Whiskey distillation
  • Moonshine distillation
  • Bottled water production
  • Resturant
  • Gift shop
  • Museum
  • Harley Davidson shop
  • Large RV park

To facilitate this transition all systems have been thoroughly investigated and transition plans are in development. Compounding the situation is that several buildings are on the Historic Register and renovation activities are closely coordinated with the appropriate parties.

Utility connections such as electrical distribution, sewer, gas and water services are being reconfigured to facilitate the new venue. New electrical distribution including 15kV systems are being designed along with a new package sewage treatment plant, and sewer piping. Water distribution is also being addressed.

Many buildings are being repurposed to support the different activities with one newer building (former High Security Building) being demolished to make room for a new distillation building.

Finally, several off-grid power technologies and green power systems are being utilized.

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