Novamet Specialty Products produces more than 60 different products including tightly sized nickel powder, metallic flake, coated materials and specialty nickel oxides for civilian and military applications.

This project involved relocating a coating manufacturing facility from Princeton, New Jersey to Lebanon, TN. The building in Lebanon encompasses in excess of 450,000 square feet with approximately 105,000 square feet involved in an extensive renovation. This renovation was complicated in the fact that systems such as electrical, mechanical/HVAC, sprinkler systems where designed for the entire facility. This project required a substantial investigation into all systems such that the remainder of the building could be kept in service during and after renovation efforts.

Another significant element, the equipment located in New Jersey had to be investigated, documented and removal scenario and placement strategies developed. This included all supporting systems such as material transfer, placement of flammable liquids and gases, process piping, electrical systems and controls.

While renovating the existing facility approximately 8,000 square feet was designed as a Class 1 Division 2 space due to flammable liquids and gases. Responsibilities included meeting on site with the client, documenting existing systems, design and construction administration for Mechanical, Plumbing, Process Piping and Electrical.

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